Monday, September 22, 2008

My New Life

As this is my very first blog, I will take some time to introduce myself and write a little about how I decided to create it in the first place. I have always been familiar with the BDSM lifestyle and recently have discovered many interesting and insightful blogs on numerous different types of these relationships from all points of view. However, as a 24/7 Daddy's girl submissive, I found a serious lack of blogs on the subject. I thought to myself that I should try to fill this gap as best I could to help others, like I was, learn about this type of relationship from a first hand point of view. I apologize if I don't do so well at first, as I have never blogged before. I only hope I get better with time.

Ever since I can remember I have always been interested in "alternative" lifestyles. I discovered as a young teenager I was a bisexual. My early relationships didn't last long because I always felt that I was missing something. I always seemed to drive both men and women away with my "unusual" ideas regarding sex and relationship structure. I took my concerns to my aunt who had lived happily with her wife for several years. I trusted both my aunts and had gone to them before for advice. They listened as I told them my concerns and instead of dismissing me, they introduced me to the world of BDSM which they had been involved with personally and through friends over the years. I was relieved when they told me what they knew convinced me I wasn't a freak for what I liked. I continued to do research on my own and began to discover discretely what I liked and didn't like about the different types of BDSM. Now that I knew what I really did want I began to search for a suitable partner. I have always known I was a submissive since I first learned the distinctions between the different roles in BDSM relationships. However, I never found anyone that was right for me.

Then several months ago, I met Daddy. I had always longed for a Daddy/little girl relationship, even before I knew anything about BDSM relationships or that other people felt the way I did. I knew I was in love with Him, but I was worried that He, like so many others, wouldn't accept who I was. I thought that no matter how much I loved Him, that we were doomed to fail. Then one day, after several months of dating, we were having phone sex, as we often did, and I heard Him say the words I had only heard in my wildest dreams. He clearly said to me "Cum for Daddy baby!" I was in shock. "How did He know?" I asked myself. I had been careful not to mention anything about it. I knew He could be kinky from our previous encounters, but I never imagined anything like this. I questioned Him later about it. He said He just felt that it was right. He knew me better and more completely than ever suspected anyone could. Come to find out, He had been looking for someone like me for a long time.

After my initial shock wore off, I asked Him what He wanted to do about it. He invited me to come live with Him so He could be my Daddy full time. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, I really did. It seemed too good to be true. And honestly it still does. I only wish I could have met Him sooner. He makes me feel so complete and I know He feels the same.

Ok enough with the trip down memory lane. As much as I love talking about my wonderful Daddy, this blog is for more than just fond memories. I plan on addressing common misconceptions about Daddy/girl relationships in my next post. I will probably cover many other topics as well as giving insights into my life with Daddy. If anyone has any questions or topic suggestions, feel free to comment and I will try to get back to you in a timely manner.

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