Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rain, Rain....

Ok so this is a two sided post, neither of which is BDSM related (unless you count being enslaved by the PS3, which as a matter of pride, I don't). First of all, yesterday I got Heavy Rain for the PS3. OMG...I love this game. It is exactly what I have been looking for in a video game. Everything is based on a button pushing command system. There is no aiming and shooting, no ridiculously complicated menu to navigate. It is without a doubt the most immersive game I have ever played. At one point I was so sucked into it, I actually said ouch when my character accidentally cut himself on barbed wire. I love the mystery and the freedom of the world. You play as four separate characters all trying to solve the same murder case. The freedom of the world means that even if one of these characters dies, the story goes on without them. There is no real game over. I'm not even sure how many alternate endings there are. It is equal parts puzzle and action game with an excellent look and feel to it. Long story short, I highly recommend it.

Secondly, I am taking a much needed break. I played Heavy Rain for eight hours without a break last night, and then picked it up as soon as I woke up today. I think I need to chill for a bit without it (see above comment on enslavement). :P So when I took this break, the first thing I noticed was the extremely heavy rainfall outside. I couldn't help but wonder if there were any serial killers drowning children in it. I am beginning to think I may have a game overdose. For which, unfortunately, the cure is play more until you can't stand to even look at the system. I can't wait. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missing My Daddy

Wrote a pure sex story for Daddy. I was so hot and horny today I was going crazy. Daddy told me to write a story to release some of that tension. The following story is the result.

“That’s right babygirl. You know I love that sweet pussy of yours,” Daddy growled as she slid onto his shaft. They had been fucking like this for days. Angel just couldn’t get enough of him lately. And he couldn’t get enough of her.

“Oh Daddy,” she gasped “I love it when fuck me hard. Please Daddy, more” She immediately felt his pace increase as he buried his whole length inside her already aching pussy. Angel loved to feel her Daddy’s cock inside her, his balls slapping hard against her ass as he drove in deep again and again. She could feel his hands dig into her hips as she thrust up to meet him, faster and faster.

“Fuck baby! You better slow down unless you want me to fill that wet cunt of yours,” Daddy told her in a mock scolding tone. But Angel wasn’t fooled. She knew that he wouldn’t be ready to cum in her for awhile. Unless she gave him a little help. With a wicked grin, she thrust her hips up against him and began to swivel them in slow circles as he continued to thrust hard into her. Her smile got even wider when she saw his eyes close and heard him gasp.

“Whats the matter Daddy?” she asked in mock innocence. “I thought you liked it when I did this.” As she said the word, Angel once again swiveled her hips up to meet her Daddy’s thrust.

“You are my wicked girl. Aren’t you slut?” Daddy asked. “But Daddy can be wicked too baby.” He smirked at the concerned look that crossed her face. Then slowly he pulled out of her until only the head of his cock was inside her. She started to thrust up, but he stopped her by pinning her to the bed.

“Don’t like that do you little girl?” he asked as she struggled to bury him inside herself again. “Then you really won’t like this will you” he said as he slipped out of her entirely. She moaned as he slid his cock out of her. When she tried to get up to straddle his lap he pushed her back down. He could see she was pouting, but like a good girl she hadn’t said anything yet. He knew it was only a matter of time.

“Please Daddy,” she begged. “Don’t stop.” He just smiled and grabbed both of her wrists in his left hand. When he tugged her up she willingly stood. She couldn’t help but wonder he was going to do now.

“Lay face down across my lap baby,” he said. “I think you need a lesson on who is in charge around here.” Quickly she obeyed and was soon laying with her bare ass in the air on his lap. Angel could feel his hard wet cock pressing against her lower belly and couldn’t help but wiggle it against her as she lay on his lap. “Stop wiggling slut,” Daddy commanded. Instantly Angel froze.

Without warning Angel felt the sting across her ass as Daddy’s hand made contact with her bare flesh. She jerked her arms only to find that he still held her wrists in the hand that wasn’t turning her pale skin rosey. She could feel the heat of each hard slap on her entire ass. Daddy was always through. He even remembered to give her several swats on the bottom of each cheek and her upper thighs. It was getting harder and harder for Angel to hold still. She could feel his hard cock on her belly and his firm hand on her backside. The combination was driving her wild. Daddy could tell she was almost to her breaking point. Her already wet pussy was now dripping down her thighs and onto his legs.

“Who is in charge here my little slut?” Daddy asked in a growling whisper.
“You are Daddy!” Angel practically screamed as a particularly hard smack landed right in the middle of her already welt covered ass.
“Are you sure cunt?” he asked mockingly.
“Yes Daddy!” Angel screamed again. How can he do that? she wondered. How can he talk without missing a single stroke?
“Are you gonna cum hard for Daddy?” he asked his little girl.
“Yes Daddy!”
“Good. Now get on all fours on the bed baby. Now,” he added even though she was already moving before he finished his sentence. Right before he thrust his throbbing cock inside her now very wet pussy he took a second to admire his work on her ass. She was bright red and he could clearly see welts forming on the lush curves of her ass. Bruises were already forming in the center of each cheek.As he thrust deep inside her, he reached up to knot a hand in her long dark hair pulling her head far back.

“Cum for me you little bitch,” he whispered in her ear. And with a loud cry she did just that.

“Daddy!” she screamed as she came all over him. Her orgasm was too much for him to handle on top of the sight of her very red ass slamming into him. He pulled her hair even harder as he came. When both of them were satisfied he pulled her down onto the bed next to him. He could feel the heat from her punished ass against him as he held her.“That’s my girl,” he whispered as they both lay cuddled together.

He was on the edge of sleep when he heard her whisper “Daddy? Can we do it again?” He chuckled and whispered back, “Of course we can baby. Of course we can.”

Friday, March 26, 2010

Artistic Impulses

I've been feeling really artsy lately. I guess I'm just in a mood to create. It helps that I have a new muse. (yes you Kitty) :P

The following story is a result of too much time fantasizing about decorating my beautiful new sister's body. Enjoy!

“Hold still Kitty. I’m almost done,” Angel said as she brushed the hair back from her forehead. Kitty took a deep breath and held it as Angel threaded more blue glass beads onto the needle. Slowly she pushed the beads down onto the short length of thread that dangled from the needle’s eye. Gently she inserted the needle into Kitty’s nipple.

“And we’re done sissy. Look how beautiful you are,” Angel said with pride. For the past few days she had been working non-stop on the work of art that now adorned her sister’s body. With a nudge she motioned Kitty to the full length mirror they had set up in the living room.

“Its beautiful Angel.” Kitty gasped. She took in all the details Angel had included as she lovingly stroked her hands down her heavily decorated body. It never failed to amaze her when she saw her sister’s drawings brought to life on her skin.

Angel had decided on an aquatic theme for this piece and couldn’t believe how well her sister’s body captured and personified the sea and all of its treasures. The blue beads strung by needle at strategic spots really added a fun bit of flair to her usually more somber art. The coiled koi along her sister’s sides and thighs added a splash of crimson and gold to the blues and greens in the background. The glitter paste on the edges of the scales and the glass beads sparkled as Kitty turned to take in the back.

A sly looking dragon danced and turned under the waves the whole length of Kitty’s back. The beads surrounding its dancing form swayed with the motion and took her breath away. It was by far her favorite piece that Angel had completed on her so far.
“I’m glad you like it Kitty,” Angel replied as she examined her work. She loved to use her sister’s body to execute her dreams. And Kitty loved it too. Not only was she beautiful, but she loved the feeling of the needles under her skin and the way the beads and glitter turned her into a living breathing masterpiece. It was still amazing to Angel how much she loved to watch her sister admire their work.

“Here, let me take some pictures honey. I want to remember this one,” Angel said briskly to her sister. “Besides you know that if we don’t get any pictures before Daddy gets back we won’t get any at all.”

“Yeah you’re right,” Kitty replied. “Where do you want me?”
“Over here,” Angel instructed as she arranged a gauzy aqua backdrop in front of the couch. “You know what to do Kitty. You’re a natural at this,” she complimented as she posed her sister.

Angel finished the last picture just as she heard the key in the door. Quickly she motioned for Kitty to stay still and moved all her things into her studio/storeroom. As the front door opened, Angel crept to the doorway so she could watch Daddy’s reaction when he saw Kitty.

For several moments all was silent in the other room. She could see Daddy’s eyes greedily take in all of Kitty’s lush body. She grinned as she heard him sigh softly and smile.

“You look beautiful babygirl,” He whispered. Kitty’s eyes shone as she slowly turned so he could see her backside. “Where is your sister?” he asked quietly.
“Shes in the studio Daddy,” Kitty replied sweetly. Angel stepped out into the living room. Daddy grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to his chest.

“You are amazing sweetheart. Kitty looks even more beautiful. I love the beads,” he said. Angel beamed under his smiling praise. He kissed her forehead and gave her a tight hug. He gestured to Kitty and she crossed the room to his other side. He hugged both of his beautiful girls to him, kissing them both deeply.

“Why don’t you take out the needles with your teeth Angel,” he whispered in her ear.
“Yes Daddy,” Angel replied eagerly. She knelt down and closed her lips around the first needle and slowly drew it out of her sister’s skin. She could taste the blood from the puncture on her lips as she moved toward the next set of beads. Gently she drew it out as she watched Daddy kiss Kitty deeply and caress her breasts. She heard Kitty moan softly under her breath.

As Angel removed the last needle from Kitty’s skin, Daddy slowly lowered her to the couch. Without being told Angel continued to lick and suck the blood from her sister’s painted skin. Silently she was thankful that she had used markers instead of paint this time. Paint just didn’t last as long around here.

When all the blood was gone from her skin Daddy pushed Kitty to her back on the floor. He grabbed Angel by the hair and moved her down until her mouth was over Kitty’s wet pussy. Slowly she began to kiss her sister’s slick mound. Kitty moaned and arched her back until Angel’s tongue was inside her. Angel loved the way her sister tasted and moaned as she began to tongue her deeper. A moment later she was moaning even more as her Daddy began to tease her naked pussy with the head of his very hard cock.

“I love to watch my girls,” Daddy whispered gruffly. “Just keep eating your sister’s sweet little cunt. I want to watch her cum all over you baby.” Angel loved to play with Kitty in front of Daddy. Eagerly she stroked her tongue over Kitty’s clit. She felt Kitty shudder under her. But in the next moment it was her turn to shudder as she felt Daddy spread her pussy and shove inside.

“Yeah that’s right babygirl, you love that don’t you,” Daddy growled as he thrust inside her. Angel lifted her mouth for a second to gasp “Yes!” before returning to Kitty’s now very wet pussy. She could feel Kitty’s excitement at watching their Daddy fuck her while she ate her out. Angel knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her orgasm back for much longer. It was just too much. Daddy could feel Angel’s pussy start to quiver and knew she wouldn’t hold out for long.

“Make your sister cum first baby. I know you can,” He whispered to her. With a smothered moan Angel began to lick and suck Kitty’s clit harder. She knew her sister was close too. With a cry Kitty grabbed Angel’s hair and arched into her greedy mouth. As the first wave of Kitty’s orgasm rolled over her, Angel felt her own orgasm overtake her.

“Oh yeah that’s my girls. Cum for Daddy,” Daddy moaned as he began to pull out of Angel’s sweet quivering cunt. “Come over here babies,” he said, stroking his hard cock. Quickly both girls went to their knees in front of him and began to lick and suck Angel’s cum off of him. In seconds both girls moaned as they felt Daddy’s cum coat their mouths. Angel grabbed Kitty by her hair and pulled her close until she could taste Daddy’s cum on her sister’s tongue. Both girls could hear Daddy chuckle as he helped them off the floor.

“I love you so much my sweet girls,” Daddy said to them lovingly. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched them come closer.
“And we love you too Daddy,” they replied together. They smiled back at him as he pulled them into a tight hug.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Troubles of Separation

I think one of the hardest parts of being separated from the ones you love is the lack of comfort. Sometimes you just need to be comforted or feel the overwhelming desire to comfort others. Being separated turns that empty ache into an almost unbearable throbbing pain. It makes you feel useless in the face of something greater than yourself.

When people you care about are suffering and you cannot do anything to help, it is the most helpless feeling there is. It is worse when the comfort of a loved one would help, if only because there is someone else who knows you are in pain and is there to support you, and they can't be there.

I hate feeling helpless. I think everyone does. I just wish there was something I could do other than offer words of comfort. Words of comfort have never been my strong suit. I always feel awkward and inadequate in the face of grief or suffering. I think that is why I have always distanced myself from those situations. But how can I maintain that distance when I care? Especially when so much real distance is in the way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Sexy Sibling Story

This is a story I wrote for sis. It is called Bath Time. I hope she likes it as much as I do. I love you sissy. Can't wait until we both get to Daddy's. :)

“Room for one more in there?” a voice asked. Angel looked up to see her sister, Kitty, standing next to the tub.

“There sure is hun. Hop in,” Angel replied smilingly. She loved to take baths with her sister. The large bathtub was the main reason she had suggested the place. Before they ever moved in she was already fantasizing about two and three person bath times.

Angel watched closely as Kitty slid her thin silky robe off her shoulders and down her beautiful curves until it was a silken puddle around her bare feet. Slowly Kitty stepped into the hot water and slid down into the bubbles until she was seated between Angel’s open thighs, her back pressed to her sister’s breasts.

“I love taking baths together,” Angel said as she soaped up one of their bath poofs and gently caressed her sister’s already hard nipples. She gave the left one a light pinch and gasped as Kitty’s ass pressed against her pussy.

“Me too. I love feeling so close. I just wish Daddy was home,” Kitty agreed. Slowly she let her head fall back to her sisters shoulder while Angel continued to wash her breasts and belly with the soft poof. She heard her sister mumble an agreement as the poof moved in shorter circles around her bellybutton then begin on her outter thighs.

Slowly Angel moved the poof in slow circles along the outside of Kitty’s thighs. Gradually she moved closer and closer to her sister’s perfect pussy while her other hand continued to pinch and flick Kitty’s nipples. When the bath poof finally stroked over Kitty’s pussy, she gasped. Angel slowly released the poof and started to stroke Kitty’s slit with her slick fingers. As the fingers of her right hand slowly spread her sister’s pussy, Angel slid her left up her sister’s shoulder and grabbed her hair roughly in her fist. Kitty gasped as Angel pulled her head even farther back and bit her right shoulder.

With a stifled moan, Angel buried two of her fingers into her sister’s hot wet cunt. She fucked her slowly at first, but with a steadily faster pace as her sister’s moans increased. Angel kept a tight hold on Kitty’s hair and pulled her head even further back so she could taste her sister’s lips while she fucked her even faster than before. She could feel Kitty’s ass against her own wet pussy and it only made her want more.

Slowly she slid her fingers out of her sister. She could feel Kitty trying to keep them inside of her, thrusting her hips against her hand. She smiled and whispered “Turn around. I wanna watch you when you cum on me.”

Kitty quickly turned around until she was on her knees with her thighs spread apart. She could feel the hot water barely touching her pussy as she knelt in front of her sister. Angel had kept her hand knotted in Kitty’s hair the whole time and used it now to pull her sister’s lips to hers. Angel quickly lowered her head to her sister’s breast and bit down lightly on her perky nipple. Kitty arched into her and moaned again as Angel’s fingers slipped inside her again. She could feel her sister’s fingers inside her while her thumb rubbed in hard circles around her clit.

Angel kept a firm grip on Kitty’s hair so that her head arched back while she finger fucked her wet pussy. She could feel Kitty’s excitement as she bit down hard on the lush upper curve of her breast. Kitty cried out when she felt her sister’s teeth sink into her sensitive flesh. Angel curved her fingers until she was practically pounding Kitty’s g-spot. She could feel the first quivers of orgasm deep inside her sister’s pussy. She took her mouth away from her sister’s breast just long enough to let out in a growling whisper “That’s right, cum for me slut,” before lower her head and sinking her teeth into her sister’s other luscious breast.

With a loud moan Kitty arched into her hand and came hard. Slowly she felt Angel’s fingers slide out of her as she was pulled down to meet her lips. Kitty threw herself into the kiss as she sank back into the bathwater.

“Well it looks like my girls had all the fun without me,” a voice said from the doorway. Startled both girls looked guiltily at their Daddy.
“Sorry Daddy. I just couldn’t resist,” Angel said sweetly. He smiled at them indulgently and helped them out of the tub.

“I know sweetheart. But now I think its Daddy’s turn,” he said as he dried them off and drained the tub. Both girls could see that he was more than ready for it. With a smile and a hug for each of them, he guided them into the bedroom.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Change of Plans

I've decided not to go. As much as I want to, its just not the right time for it. Daddy and sis need some time together to get settled and enjoy each other. I would never want to be in the way of that. I want them to be happy and have time together and I know that they are going to be very busy getting ready for her trip down there. I would be in the way and I would hate myself for it. I don't want to ruin their happiness by coming between them or taking attention from her.

Maybe there will be a place for me later, but for now there isn't. Unless that place is here, at a distance.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Leavin' On a Jet Plane...

Hopefully I will be able to do it this time. I am going to visit Daddy and sis at the end of April. I have the money and Sir says its ok. I'm just so worried that something will go wrong. I have been trying to go for the last 2 years and I'm so scared that it won't really happen. I just want it to work out so much. I'm not sure I could take the disappointment again. I'm so sick of being disappointed, in myself especially.

Even if I do go and nothing stops me, I'm still scared of flying. I've done it twice. The first time I got airsick on the flight home and had to walk through the airport covered in vomit til I found my bag. It was not fun. :( Nothing bad happened the second time, but take-off and landing scare me to death. Those are the worst parts for me. The flying is actually kinda neat. Plus all the flights to where He lives have plane changes and I've never had to do that before. I'm so worried I will miss my flight. Besides that, I mean really, what am I supposed to do in Birmingham, AL for three hours??? :P

I guess I'm just nervous. I really can't wait to meet Daddy and my new sis. I'm so excited and I really hope she likes me as much as I like her. I feel like I am so full of energy with nothing to do but wait. The tension is a killer.

I Have a New Sister!

Daddy has gotten another submissive girl. I am so excited! I got to talk to her online tonight and she is wonderful. I want to meet her so bad! She is moving in with Daddy soon. Only 40 more days! I wish I could be there with them. I have missed Daddy so much. We still talk all the time, but I wish I could be there with Him. Hopefully I will get to visit when Sis moves down. That would be so amazing. Sir even said I could go visit them sometime. I can't wait!

Friday, March 19, 2010

In a Funk

You would think that after spending my whole life in a depressive fugue I would be doing as much as possible to avoid it. But it has recently been brought to my attention that I really have no right to be upset that I am unhappy and depressed. After all, I am not doing anything to make myself happy. I am mostly just doing things that I think should make me happy. I guess I don't really think things through before I do them. The end result being that I keep getting myself into situations that trap me in a kind of depression. Doing things with no forethought is not a good idea. It just got me a whole new set of difficult and painful problems.

I can't blame things on Sir. I knew who He was when I agreed to marry Him. I think now that I should have said no. But I do love Him. He just isn't what I need in a partner. I feel horrible about even thinking that, much less typing it, but its true. Sometimes I'm not even sure if I have stayed for the right reasons. Whether its because I love Him or if its because I'm afraid to leave and be on my own. And I hate that I even have to ask that. The fact that I love Him seems secondary. I don't want to hurt Him, but I'm not even sure if leaving would hurt more than if I stayed at this point. I can't think straight. I feel so empty and confused. I just wish I knew what to do. I think I need some time away from Him, but I have nowhere to go. I have no family or friends to stay with and I'm not even sure space is the best thing for us. It worked in the past, but who's to say it will work this time. Besides it obviously wasn't a permanent fix last time. Where is the user manual for relationships????

I just want to know what is best, and even though I know I'm the only one who can answer that question, I'm not sure how to even begin.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yay for Internet!

I am connected again! Thankfully I have internet! Now I can't decide what would be the best thing to do first. I have so much to catch up on. Fuck not having internet! I missed it more than anything. I can live without t.v., but no internet is hell.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ok so Sir and I have been busy. We have moved back to our home state. We now have a lovely 2 bedroom apartment in the slums. He has a decent, if horribly boring, job. The only persistent problem besides lack of money (which is always a problem) is the lack of internet. The apartment complex gave us a horrible time about getting it installed, but finally we have succeeded. As of the Friday we will have internet in our place. Yay! With internet I will be able to once again blog freely without borrowing internet time from friends who may or may not at any given time read over my shoulder and decide now is the time to awkwardly ask "whats BDSM?" I can't wait. Especially since Sir has promised me a new computer this summer if I'm good. Wonder of wonders. :)