Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am, and always have been, in love with books. I taught myself to read before I was 4 and have not stopped reading since. I love to read almost anything. Words are like water for my mind and my soul. Nothing else I do strictly for myself nourishes me like reading. However, I have always had little patience for "romance" novels. I have tried to read these several times, but could never find myself interested enough to keep reading after the first dozen pages. To me the people and situations are too unrealistic and poorly thought out. Besides, why read about some one's ideal vanilla love life, when I am living one that is so much better for real.

This is not to say that I don't read erotica. I love a good story as long as its well written. Daddy frequently sends me stories He has found when I have been good. But all of the stories I read have a degree of kink to them. For me, "normal" sex is boring to read about. It can be fun and enjoyable in practice, but if I want a fantasy, its not going to be that. The problem I have encountered however, is not finding kinky erotic stories, the problem is finding kinky erotic books.The town where I am currently living has no adult bookstores, in fact the closest one is quite a drive. Most of the adult stores nearby only sell toys and peepshows. The closest regular bookstore is a half-hour drive, and they won't carry anything that would interest me. (i.e. anything with BDSM content).

Ordinarily things like this don't bother me. I have a plethora of online erotica to choose from. However, to me nothing compares to a tangible book in my hand. I love the feel of smooth pages turning between my fingers, the smell of new paper and glue, the ability to pick it up off the shelf and peruse its content at any time, and yes, even the ache in my hands from holding it for hours on end. I love it all.

Enter Aunt S. She saved me from the delusion that no tangible erotica of the BDSM variety exists. I was starting to wonder if anyone published it at all. After we were done cleaning the bedroom closet Sunday, she handed me a book entitled The Marketplace. This book and the series it belongs to, is the reason my posts have been short and seldom for the last few days. I couldn't put it down. I suggest anyone that is interested in an actual cohesive, well written plot, pick this up. It is not like normal fantasy BDSM erotica. It deals with the training of slaves in a professional and realistic fashion. The mood of the story changes rapidly depending on the situations described and really give the reader a true feel for the characters.

I won't talk too much and ruin it for anyone who hasn't read it. Suffice to say, I enjoyed the first one very much and look forward to starting the second as soon as I post this. Thanks again Auntie!

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