Sunday, August 22, 2010

Officially the Weird One...

So its finally official...I am the weird one in my family. The one that you come to when you have something weird or potentially embarrassing to inquire about. So let me break down the evening for you:

My 15 year old nephew confided in my sister that he is bi-curious and a furry. Being a lesbian she knew how confusing it can be when you are young to have these thoughts and feelings, but she felt out of her depth. So she called me and told me the situation. She is aware that I am in the BDSM community so she felt I would be better equipped to handle his questions. I agreed to talk to him and she said she would tell our brother (his dad) that I was willing to talk with my nephew.

Now for a little bit of important family history. My brother and I only recently started talking after a 5 year angry silence. So imagine my surprise when he called me immediately to talk. He wanted to understand what it meant and was honestly asking my opinions and advice. Not only that but after I reassured him, he invited me to dinner next Sunday to talk to my nephew and bake cookies and watch videos. It was amazing.

I guess its just good to know that even though I'm the "weird one" I have a place in my family. Its nice to be needed. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing Much...As Per Usual

I was going to say I haven't been blogging because I've been busy, but in the interest of truth thats not why. Honestly all of the things keeping me busy are fairly mundane. Sir and I moved...again. So that has been the major part of my busy-ness. Also I am starting college on Monday and the only thing they haven't asked for is a signature in blood. Other than that I've just been trying not to be too bored and grabbing every chance at social activity with both hands and clinging like a survivor of a shipwreck clings to a floating piece of debris. Sometimes I wonder how pathetic I seem to my friends and acquaintances. The lack of social communication with anyone other than Sir and my new kitten, Pumpkin. Maybe it will be good for me in the long run, but for now it is making me crazy! I absolutely cannot wait for Monday...if only I didn't have to be awake before 8 am...