Friday, September 26, 2008

Education for a Subbie

Since Daddy is very busy and very far away, He has not had as much time to look after my discipline lately. I was already worried I wouldn't be ready for Him when He came to me because I am still so new to being a full time submissive. I still have trouble obeying in a timely and non-confrontational manner sometimes, and still have minor episodes of rebellious defiance that I have to work through. I don't believe that it is a lack of desire or willpower that causes these lapses, but more a lack of training and experience. Even though, it is still very hard for Daddy to do this over the phone, especially when He is working.

To solve this problem, one of my aunts thought that she could train me properly, until Daddy could get here to take over for her. As I have written before, my aunts are also involved in a D/s relationship, although not full time. For the sake of clarity I am going to refer to my Dominant aunt as Aunt D, and my submissive aunt as Aunt S. Aunt D wanted to retrain Aunt S anyway since she was out of practice and a little unruly at times. I think it will be wonderful having my aunties showing me how to be better for Daddy. This way I will have the guidance of two experienced people who I love and trust.

I called Daddy to ask how He would feel about the arrangement. He agreed that it might be better to have an experienced Dom train me so that I wasn't out of practice and spoiled when He got here. With a small bit of reluctance, He gave consent for Aunt D to give me some generic subbie training. I am not sure how it will be since Daddy and Aunt D are very different in their styles and preferences. Also with Aunt D there will obviously not be a sexual nature to what she is going to teach me. However, regardless of the nature of the tasks, orders are orders.

This should be an interesting month for sure.

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