Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Age Play and Incest

One of the most common misconceptions I seem to encounter everywhere is about incest and age play. People seem to think that just because I love Daddy so much, I must want to sleep with my birth father, or that I pretend I am Daddy's actual child. While this may be true for some people (I can't speak for everyone) it is definitely not the case with Daddy and I. Yes He is 5 years my senior. Yes I call Him Daddy. But no, I don't even begin to consider Him a replacement for my birth father, whom I do have a normal, healthy, and loving relationship with.

I have never wanted to engage in incestuous relationships with anyone, especially not my father. The relationship between Daddy and I is not about the words we label each other, but the love and respect we mutually share. The word daddy brings with it feelings of security, trust, and unconditional love. Daddy is a nurturer by nature and loves to guide me and make me the best possible person I can be. He is gentle and loving, but can be stern and unyielding when it is in my best interest. He is strict, but only because He truly loves me and cares for my well-being. In return for His unconditional love and guidance, I offer Him complete obedience and respect. I respect Him for who He is and what He is doing for me. I trust Him completely and am completely honest and open in all things. Without this trust and respect, what we have is not possible. He recognizes my feelings for Him as the valuable gift they are and loves me for the trust and adoration I place in Him.

I trust Daddy more than anyone in my life. I always trust His judgement, and His decisions always override mine. I know that I cannot always make the best decisions for myself, and if our opinions differ, I always take His advice and instructions. He has never misled me yet. Yes, I realize Daddy is a person and can make mistakes, but I know that any decision He makes will be for my own good, and if it is wrong then it is through no fault of His. He would never try to do anything to jeopardize my safety, trust, or general well-being.

Although there is a gap in our ages, it is not any wider than one found in a "normal" relationship, and honestly not as wide as some. This age gap has absolutely no bearing on our relationship. It doesn't affect us anymore than in other relationships where one person is slightly older than the other. I hate that people not only misconstrue the nature of our relationship, but try to twist it into a sick perversion. Even some people familiar with the BDSM lifestyle have been confused and replused by what I am and my relationship with Daddy. Personally I think its all about understanding. If only there was more of that going on in the world, I think it would be a much better place for all of us. I guess I'll just keep dreaming.

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