Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Support is a Wonderful Thing

I have never had a good relationship with most of my family. My parents were divorced when I was very young and my mother and I never really got along. The only family I ever really had to rely on were my aunts. Whenever I had a problem or needed to talk and take a break from my mother, they were always there to help me with advice and a comfy couch.

I knew when I started my relationship with Daddy that I would never be able to explain it to my mother. She is very closed minded to anything "abnormal" and could never understand my happiness. However, it is days like today that I am so thankful that I have my aunts. They are themselves involved in a D/s relationship and were the first to support me and calm my concerns when I first came to them about my interest in BDSM. Then today I told them about my relationship with Daddy and what it meant to me. They were happy for us, if a little skeptical about the safety of our relationship since Daddy and I live so far away from each other.

I was so proud and happy also when Daddy called to speak to my aunts, even though they hadn't known about the specifics of our relationship and hadn't ever spoken directly to Him. I was so relieved when they all got along great. Daddy is wonderful at putting people at ease when He meets them. He is so sweet and honest and people can always tell He is a good person. He was completely honest with both of my aunts and even convinced them to give me a good spanking for Him!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I cherish the love and support of my aunts so much. And of course I would be nowhere without Daddy, the love of my life, my soul mate. He is the only person on earth I can truly be myself with all the time without any worries or embarrassment. I am so grateful for His love and understanding.

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