Thursday, July 8, 2010

Will Work For Free

So I have been busy lately as I have stated before. Last weekend I babysat a four year old Saturday and Sunday. It was crazy. He is so energetic. And best of all, I did it for free. I will also be watching him again this coming weekend. My friends who own a bookstore are remodeling this month and they are hanging drywall this week. I offered to help them out for free as well. Also the game store where Sir and I met is moving this month and I might also help them out with that as well. Best of all my munch group has leased a dungeon space. They need volunteers to help get the space refinished and decorated by the first week of August. I am supposed to go help out this Friday. All in all, it is going to be a very busy week.

In addition to all the free labor I am offering this month, I am also still getting everything together for our move and for school at the end of August. I hate packing and I am royally sick of packing up everything we own. Especially since we are only moving 30 minutes away. I wish there were magical packing faeries. That way I could just leave out some milk, bread, and honey and not have to pack a thing. :P