Saturday, March 7, 2009

Music To Scene To

Sir and I have very similar music tastes. When we first started dating, we started sharing music. He has introduced me to some of my favorite bands and vice versa. One of my favorite new finds is Lords of Acid. I love their over the top lyrics and the music is just so fun and raw. Plus I love female singers.

I decided to share this because with Club Paradox opening, I have been thinking alot about music that is good for scenes. (They are taking suggestions for the playlist.) Alot of LoA is very sexual and is very BDSM focused. This makes it great for playing and scening.

Some of my favorite LoA tracks are:
1. I Sit on Acid
2. Spank My Booty
3. You Belong To Me
4. Pussy
5. Lover
6. The Power is Mine
7. Concerto for Me and Myself
8. Rough Sex

I suggest that anyone into industrial music or anyone looking for some good raunchy songs check out LoA. Especially The Power is Mine or You Belong to Me. They are the more serious of the songs I listed. The others are more fun and dirty than seriously BDSM themed. All the songs are on their album "Our Little Secret" except for I Sit on Acid and Rough Sex, which are on "Lust".