Monday, August 3, 2009

Texas Threesome

Ok, I did promise to write about the threesome Sir and I had in Texas with one of our friends. For the sake of privacy I'm going to call her Amy, which is not her name.

We got to Amy's house in the early afternoon. We all sat together on the couch and chatted for a bit. Sir pulled her in close and started to kiss her and fondle her amazingly large breasts. I was getting so wet just watching them together. After a bit He grabbed her hand and led her to a more private room. He told me to stay on the couch while He fucked Amy in the bedroom. The whole time they were gone I was so wet and ready I couldn't stand it.

After awhile I heard my cell phone ring. I had forgotten that my purse was in the spare bedroom. Sir called me in to get it. When I went in the room He had Amy on her back and was sucking her big beautiful tits while He fucked her. Neither of them paid any attention to me as I walked around the bed to get my phone. By then it had stopped ringing. Sir told me I could stay and watch Him cum in her if I promised to be quiet. I agreed of course.

When they were done Sir and Amy got up and got dressed again. We all went back to the living room to relax for awhile. This time it was me who got to kiss and fondle Amy while Sir watched. I could see He was hard again and Amy was very wet. Sir whispered to me that I should go fuck her. So I grabbed her hand and led her back into the spare bedroom.

When we got there she seemed a little nervous. It had been a long time since she had been with another woman. So I continued to kiss her and slowly undress her, kissing and fondling every part of her that I uncovered. She started to relax and undress me as well. When we were both naked I pulled her down to the bed and kissed all down her body. I started with her mouth then worked my way down her throat and breasts until I made it all the way to her pussy. By now I could see her juices dripping down her legs so I lapped at her inner thighs until she begged me to eat her out.

I stared out slow, just licking and sucking her clit. Then I slid my middle finger inside her. She moaned and I pushed a second finger inside her. She was so tight it barely fit. Sir must have had to work hard to fit His cock in her. I fucked her with my fingers and kept licking her clit. She just moaned and thrust back onto my hand. So I fucked her harder and harder until she came all over me. I slid my fingers out of her throbbing pussy and she pulled me up to her. Gently she kissed my face and sucked her own cum off my tongue. I was in heaven.Then she told me to lay down on my back. She began the same way I did, just using her mouth on my very wet pussy. Then she started to fuck me with her fingers, rubbing my G-spot and licking my clit. I loved every minute of it.

After we were done I pulled her close and held her for awhile. It felt so good to be with another woman again. I had missed it alot. After we were both dressed we went back out to the living room to sit with Sir. I helped Amy make lunch because we were all famished. We sat and ate and talked for awhile.

When it was dark outside Amy pulled the shades shut. We were all sitting on the couch again. Amy had Sir's cock out and was sucking it. I was sitting at their feet watching her and fingering her pussy. It was so beautiful to watch another woman suck Sir's cock. I almost came just watching. Then Amy grabbed me by my hair and pulled me so I was kneeling and began to kiss me hard. Then we both started to take turns sucking Sir's cock, licking His balls and kissing each other. It was amazing. I could tell Sir loved it.

Sir told both of us to stop and strip. When we were all naked Amy laid back down on the couch. He made me get on my hands and knees in front of her and lick her pussy while He watched. It made me so hot to know He was watching me and I know Amy enjoyed it too. Then I felt Sir's cock thrust inside me from behind. I almost came. It was too much to hope for.

Then Amy surprised me. She grabbed my hair again and pulled my face out of her pussy. I moaned and tried to lick her more, but she held me tight while she watched Sir fuck me. I could tell that He liked to see her take control of me like that and He fucked me even harder. After that she never let go of my hair. She used it to shove my face tight into her or hold me so that I was just barely out of reach of her wet pussy. It was amazing and maddening. I'm not sure how, but it worked out that Amy got really close then pulled me away. I could tell Sir was getting really close to cumming too. Right before He came in me, Amy pulled me into her wet pussy again and fucked my face in earnest. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Both of them came at the same time and used me like a toy to do it.

After a moment to catch our breaths we got dressed again. We both thanked Amy for a wonderful evening. I could tell everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. I know I loved being used by two people. It was a great threesome and a great visit to Texas.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Munch Recap

So the 18-30 group was a bust for me. I got roped into playing card games with a really bossy girl the whole time. I couldn't hardly get a word in edge-wise with anyone, even Sir, without her butting in and telling me something about the game. When I tried to stay out of the second game she dealt me in anyway. Normally I enjoy card games, but I didn't want to play with that girl. I felt bad for the submissive across from me. She was in the same position I was. And neither of us was rescued because her Dom and Sir were busy talking to each other. I don't think either knew that we were anxious to get out of the game.

I am still glad we went though. Sir had a good time. I don't think I've ever seen Him so talkative and outgoing in a group of people. He is definitely the strong silent type usually. I am really happy that He got a chance to open up and get to know some other people in the area. If we do decide to go again, hopefully it will be a little bit better for me. At least now I know to avoid the "Card Nazi". :P

Another New Munch

This afternoon Sir and I are planning to attend the 18-30 munch group that meets in our new area. So far the BDSM community age average seems to be mid-30s or so. I'm really hoping that we will get to meet some people closer to our age range.

I will probably ramble an update when we get back...unless things take a very unexpected turn in the naughty direction. Honestly I doubt it, but I can always hope.