Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Sexy Sibling Story

This is a story I wrote for sis. It is called Bath Time. I hope she likes it as much as I do. I love you sissy. Can't wait until we both get to Daddy's. :)

“Room for one more in there?” a voice asked. Angel looked up to see her sister, Kitty, standing next to the tub.

“There sure is hun. Hop in,” Angel replied smilingly. She loved to take baths with her sister. The large bathtub was the main reason she had suggested the place. Before they ever moved in she was already fantasizing about two and three person bath times.

Angel watched closely as Kitty slid her thin silky robe off her shoulders and down her beautiful curves until it was a silken puddle around her bare feet. Slowly Kitty stepped into the hot water and slid down into the bubbles until she was seated between Angel’s open thighs, her back pressed to her sister’s breasts.

“I love taking baths together,” Angel said as she soaped up one of their bath poofs and gently caressed her sister’s already hard nipples. She gave the left one a light pinch and gasped as Kitty’s ass pressed against her pussy.

“Me too. I love feeling so close. I just wish Daddy was home,” Kitty agreed. Slowly she let her head fall back to her sisters shoulder while Angel continued to wash her breasts and belly with the soft poof. She heard her sister mumble an agreement as the poof moved in shorter circles around her bellybutton then begin on her outter thighs.

Slowly Angel moved the poof in slow circles along the outside of Kitty’s thighs. Gradually she moved closer and closer to her sister’s perfect pussy while her other hand continued to pinch and flick Kitty’s nipples. When the bath poof finally stroked over Kitty’s pussy, she gasped. Angel slowly released the poof and started to stroke Kitty’s slit with her slick fingers. As the fingers of her right hand slowly spread her sister’s pussy, Angel slid her left up her sister’s shoulder and grabbed her hair roughly in her fist. Kitty gasped as Angel pulled her head even farther back and bit her right shoulder.

With a stifled moan, Angel buried two of her fingers into her sister’s hot wet cunt. She fucked her slowly at first, but with a steadily faster pace as her sister’s moans increased. Angel kept a tight hold on Kitty’s hair and pulled her head even further back so she could taste her sister’s lips while she fucked her even faster than before. She could feel Kitty’s ass against her own wet pussy and it only made her want more.

Slowly she slid her fingers out of her sister. She could feel Kitty trying to keep them inside of her, thrusting her hips against her hand. She smiled and whispered “Turn around. I wanna watch you when you cum on me.”

Kitty quickly turned around until she was on her knees with her thighs spread apart. She could feel the hot water barely touching her pussy as she knelt in front of her sister. Angel had kept her hand knotted in Kitty’s hair the whole time and used it now to pull her sister’s lips to hers. Angel quickly lowered her head to her sister’s breast and bit down lightly on her perky nipple. Kitty arched into her and moaned again as Angel’s fingers slipped inside her again. She could feel her sister’s fingers inside her while her thumb rubbed in hard circles around her clit.

Angel kept a firm grip on Kitty’s hair so that her head arched back while she finger fucked her wet pussy. She could feel Kitty’s excitement as she bit down hard on the lush upper curve of her breast. Kitty cried out when she felt her sister’s teeth sink into her sensitive flesh. Angel curved her fingers until she was practically pounding Kitty’s g-spot. She could feel the first quivers of orgasm deep inside her sister’s pussy. She took her mouth away from her sister’s breast just long enough to let out in a growling whisper “That’s right, cum for me slut,” before lower her head and sinking her teeth into her sister’s other luscious breast.

With a loud moan Kitty arched into her hand and came hard. Slowly she felt Angel’s fingers slide out of her as she was pulled down to meet her lips. Kitty threw herself into the kiss as she sank back into the bathwater.

“Well it looks like my girls had all the fun without me,” a voice said from the doorway. Startled both girls looked guiltily at their Daddy.
“Sorry Daddy. I just couldn’t resist,” Angel said sweetly. He smiled at them indulgently and helped them out of the tub.

“I know sweetheart. But now I think its Daddy’s turn,” he said as he dried them off and drained the tub. Both girls could see that he was more than ready for it. With a smile and a hug for each of them, he guided them into the bedroom.

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