Saturday, March 27, 2010

Missing My Daddy

Wrote a pure sex story for Daddy. I was so hot and horny today I was going crazy. Daddy told me to write a story to release some of that tension. The following story is the result.

“That’s right babygirl. You know I love that sweet pussy of yours,” Daddy growled as she slid onto his shaft. They had been fucking like this for days. Angel just couldn’t get enough of him lately. And he couldn’t get enough of her.

“Oh Daddy,” she gasped “I love it when fuck me hard. Please Daddy, more” She immediately felt his pace increase as he buried his whole length inside her already aching pussy. Angel loved to feel her Daddy’s cock inside her, his balls slapping hard against her ass as he drove in deep again and again. She could feel his hands dig into her hips as she thrust up to meet him, faster and faster.

“Fuck baby! You better slow down unless you want me to fill that wet cunt of yours,” Daddy told her in a mock scolding tone. But Angel wasn’t fooled. She knew that he wouldn’t be ready to cum in her for awhile. Unless she gave him a little help. With a wicked grin, she thrust her hips up against him and began to swivel them in slow circles as he continued to thrust hard into her. Her smile got even wider when she saw his eyes close and heard him gasp.

“Whats the matter Daddy?” she asked in mock innocence. “I thought you liked it when I did this.” As she said the word, Angel once again swiveled her hips up to meet her Daddy’s thrust.

“You are my wicked girl. Aren’t you slut?” Daddy asked. “But Daddy can be wicked too baby.” He smirked at the concerned look that crossed her face. Then slowly he pulled out of her until only the head of his cock was inside her. She started to thrust up, but he stopped her by pinning her to the bed.

“Don’t like that do you little girl?” he asked as she struggled to bury him inside herself again. “Then you really won’t like this will you” he said as he slipped out of her entirely. She moaned as he slid his cock out of her. When she tried to get up to straddle his lap he pushed her back down. He could see she was pouting, but like a good girl she hadn’t said anything yet. He knew it was only a matter of time.

“Please Daddy,” she begged. “Don’t stop.” He just smiled and grabbed both of her wrists in his left hand. When he tugged her up she willingly stood. She couldn’t help but wonder he was going to do now.

“Lay face down across my lap baby,” he said. “I think you need a lesson on who is in charge around here.” Quickly she obeyed and was soon laying with her bare ass in the air on his lap. Angel could feel his hard wet cock pressing against her lower belly and couldn’t help but wiggle it against her as she lay on his lap. “Stop wiggling slut,” Daddy commanded. Instantly Angel froze.

Without warning Angel felt the sting across her ass as Daddy’s hand made contact with her bare flesh. She jerked her arms only to find that he still held her wrists in the hand that wasn’t turning her pale skin rosey. She could feel the heat of each hard slap on her entire ass. Daddy was always through. He even remembered to give her several swats on the bottom of each cheek and her upper thighs. It was getting harder and harder for Angel to hold still. She could feel his hard cock on her belly and his firm hand on her backside. The combination was driving her wild. Daddy could tell she was almost to her breaking point. Her already wet pussy was now dripping down her thighs and onto his legs.

“Who is in charge here my little slut?” Daddy asked in a growling whisper.
“You are Daddy!” Angel practically screamed as a particularly hard smack landed right in the middle of her already welt covered ass.
“Are you sure cunt?” he asked mockingly.
“Yes Daddy!” Angel screamed again. How can he do that? she wondered. How can he talk without missing a single stroke?
“Are you gonna cum hard for Daddy?” he asked his little girl.
“Yes Daddy!”
“Good. Now get on all fours on the bed baby. Now,” he added even though she was already moving before he finished his sentence. Right before he thrust his throbbing cock inside her now very wet pussy he took a second to admire his work on her ass. She was bright red and he could clearly see welts forming on the lush curves of her ass. Bruises were already forming in the center of each cheek.As he thrust deep inside her, he reached up to knot a hand in her long dark hair pulling her head far back.

“Cum for me you little bitch,” he whispered in her ear. And with a loud cry she did just that.

“Daddy!” she screamed as she came all over him. Her orgasm was too much for him to handle on top of the sight of her very red ass slamming into him. He pulled her hair even harder as he came. When both of them were satisfied he pulled her down onto the bed next to him. He could feel the heat from her punished ass against him as he held her.“That’s my girl,” he whispered as they both lay cuddled together.

He was on the edge of sleep when he heard her whisper “Daddy? Can we do it again?” He chuckled and whispered back, “Of course we can baby. Of course we can.”

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