Friday, March 26, 2010

Artistic Impulses

I've been feeling really artsy lately. I guess I'm just in a mood to create. It helps that I have a new muse. (yes you Kitty) :P

The following story is a result of too much time fantasizing about decorating my beautiful new sister's body. Enjoy!

“Hold still Kitty. I’m almost done,” Angel said as she brushed the hair back from her forehead. Kitty took a deep breath and held it as Angel threaded more blue glass beads onto the needle. Slowly she pushed the beads down onto the short length of thread that dangled from the needle’s eye. Gently she inserted the needle into Kitty’s nipple.

“And we’re done sissy. Look how beautiful you are,” Angel said with pride. For the past few days she had been working non-stop on the work of art that now adorned her sister’s body. With a nudge she motioned Kitty to the full length mirror they had set up in the living room.

“Its beautiful Angel.” Kitty gasped. She took in all the details Angel had included as she lovingly stroked her hands down her heavily decorated body. It never failed to amaze her when she saw her sister’s drawings brought to life on her skin.

Angel had decided on an aquatic theme for this piece and couldn’t believe how well her sister’s body captured and personified the sea and all of its treasures. The blue beads strung by needle at strategic spots really added a fun bit of flair to her usually more somber art. The coiled koi along her sister’s sides and thighs added a splash of crimson and gold to the blues and greens in the background. The glitter paste on the edges of the scales and the glass beads sparkled as Kitty turned to take in the back.

A sly looking dragon danced and turned under the waves the whole length of Kitty’s back. The beads surrounding its dancing form swayed with the motion and took her breath away. It was by far her favorite piece that Angel had completed on her so far.
“I’m glad you like it Kitty,” Angel replied as she examined her work. She loved to use her sister’s body to execute her dreams. And Kitty loved it too. Not only was she beautiful, but she loved the feeling of the needles under her skin and the way the beads and glitter turned her into a living breathing masterpiece. It was still amazing to Angel how much she loved to watch her sister admire their work.

“Here, let me take some pictures honey. I want to remember this one,” Angel said briskly to her sister. “Besides you know that if we don’t get any pictures before Daddy gets back we won’t get any at all.”

“Yeah you’re right,” Kitty replied. “Where do you want me?”
“Over here,” Angel instructed as she arranged a gauzy aqua backdrop in front of the couch. “You know what to do Kitty. You’re a natural at this,” she complimented as she posed her sister.

Angel finished the last picture just as she heard the key in the door. Quickly she motioned for Kitty to stay still and moved all her things into her studio/storeroom. As the front door opened, Angel crept to the doorway so she could watch Daddy’s reaction when he saw Kitty.

For several moments all was silent in the other room. She could see Daddy’s eyes greedily take in all of Kitty’s lush body. She grinned as she heard him sigh softly and smile.

“You look beautiful babygirl,” He whispered. Kitty’s eyes shone as she slowly turned so he could see her backside. “Where is your sister?” he asked quietly.
“Shes in the studio Daddy,” Kitty replied sweetly. Angel stepped out into the living room. Daddy grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to his chest.

“You are amazing sweetheart. Kitty looks even more beautiful. I love the beads,” he said. Angel beamed under his smiling praise. He kissed her forehead and gave her a tight hug. He gestured to Kitty and she crossed the room to his other side. He hugged both of his beautiful girls to him, kissing them both deeply.

“Why don’t you take out the needles with your teeth Angel,” he whispered in her ear.
“Yes Daddy,” Angel replied eagerly. She knelt down and closed her lips around the first needle and slowly drew it out of her sister’s skin. She could taste the blood from the puncture on her lips as she moved toward the next set of beads. Gently she drew it out as she watched Daddy kiss Kitty deeply and caress her breasts. She heard Kitty moan softly under her breath.

As Angel removed the last needle from Kitty’s skin, Daddy slowly lowered her to the couch. Without being told Angel continued to lick and suck the blood from her sister’s painted skin. Silently she was thankful that she had used markers instead of paint this time. Paint just didn’t last as long around here.

When all the blood was gone from her skin Daddy pushed Kitty to her back on the floor. He grabbed Angel by the hair and moved her down until her mouth was over Kitty’s wet pussy. Slowly she began to kiss her sister’s slick mound. Kitty moaned and arched her back until Angel’s tongue was inside her. Angel loved the way her sister tasted and moaned as she began to tongue her deeper. A moment later she was moaning even more as her Daddy began to tease her naked pussy with the head of his very hard cock.

“I love to watch my girls,” Daddy whispered gruffly. “Just keep eating your sister’s sweet little cunt. I want to watch her cum all over you baby.” Angel loved to play with Kitty in front of Daddy. Eagerly she stroked her tongue over Kitty’s clit. She felt Kitty shudder under her. But in the next moment it was her turn to shudder as she felt Daddy spread her pussy and shove inside.

“Yeah that’s right babygirl, you love that don’t you,” Daddy growled as he thrust inside her. Angel lifted her mouth for a second to gasp “Yes!” before returning to Kitty’s now very wet pussy. She could feel Kitty’s excitement at watching their Daddy fuck her while she ate her out. Angel knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her orgasm back for much longer. It was just too much. Daddy could feel Angel’s pussy start to quiver and knew she wouldn’t hold out for long.

“Make your sister cum first baby. I know you can,” He whispered to her. With a smothered moan Angel began to lick and suck Kitty’s clit harder. She knew her sister was close too. With a cry Kitty grabbed Angel’s hair and arched into her greedy mouth. As the first wave of Kitty’s orgasm rolled over her, Angel felt her own orgasm overtake her.

“Oh yeah that’s my girls. Cum for Daddy,” Daddy moaned as he began to pull out of Angel’s sweet quivering cunt. “Come over here babies,” he said, stroking his hard cock. Quickly both girls went to their knees in front of him and began to lick and suck Angel’s cum off of him. In seconds both girls moaned as they felt Daddy’s cum coat their mouths. Angel grabbed Kitty by her hair and pulled her close until she could taste Daddy’s cum on her sister’s tongue. Both girls could hear Daddy chuckle as he helped them off the floor.

“I love you so much my sweet girls,” Daddy said to them lovingly. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched them come closer.
“And we love you too Daddy,” they replied together. They smiled back at him as he pulled them into a tight hug.

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