Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Leavin' On a Jet Plane...

Hopefully I will be able to do it this time. I am going to visit Daddy and sis at the end of April. I have the money and Sir says its ok. I'm just so worried that something will go wrong. I have been trying to go for the last 2 years and I'm so scared that it won't really happen. I just want it to work out so much. I'm not sure I could take the disappointment again. I'm so sick of being disappointed, in myself especially.

Even if I do go and nothing stops me, I'm still scared of flying. I've done it twice. The first time I got airsick on the flight home and had to walk through the airport covered in vomit til I found my bag. It was not fun. :( Nothing bad happened the second time, but take-off and landing scare me to death. Those are the worst parts for me. The flying is actually kinda neat. Plus all the flights to where He lives have plane changes and I've never had to do that before. I'm so worried I will miss my flight. Besides that, I mean really, what am I supposed to do in Birmingham, AL for three hours??? :P

I guess I'm just nervous. I really can't wait to meet Daddy and my new sis. I'm so excited and I really hope she likes me as much as I like her. I feel like I am so full of energy with nothing to do but wait. The tension is a killer.

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