Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I love to write. I have been writing here about my everyday life stuff. Daddy always encouraged me to write here and I also wrote several stories for Him as well. He said to write down everything, my fantasies, my fears and put it into a story for Him to read. I've been thinking alot about putting my stories here. I wrote them for Him and I have His permission to post them, but they are deeply personal. I guess I'm just shy about anyone reading them. I've decided that I shouldn't be afraid and I guess I want others to read and respond to my words. I want to inspire and arouse others with my stories like I have been with other people's stories. I'm much more of a mental person. Sex alone doesn't do it for me. It is what goes on in my head while I'm having sex or in a sexual situation that really gets me off. I guess this is why I would rather read erotica than watch pornography. Maybe that makes me weird, but its not like its the only thing. :-)

That being said, I will post my first story here. I wrote it when I was fantasizing about going away with Daddy when our relationship started. It isn't very erotic, but its special to me in a different kind of way. Its called Anticipation. Enjoy.

Today was the day she had been waiting for. After months of waiting He was coming for her. Her body tingled all over at the thought of Him. She rushed around the house making sure everything was ready. She paused at the kitchen door. Quickly she grabbed up a damp cloth and dropped to her knees. She began to scrub the floor frantically. Everything had to be perfect for Him.
After she was sure everything had been done to prepare for His arrival, she hopped into the shower. She washed her hair and slowly began to sponge her body with a soapy cloth. She ran the cloth over the sides of her ample breasts, slowly rubbing across her erect nipples. Her body shuddered as the rough texture of the washcloth excited her already aching body. She could hardly contain a moan as she thought of His hands caressing her tender flesh.
She slowly ran the cloth over her tummy with one hand, soaping her hot skin, as the other hand rubbed her hard nipple. He was really coming for her. The very thought sent another, stronger wave of pleasure over her body. She moved her hand to her inner thigh and felt the supple flesh as she pressed against it. Daddy. That one word crossed her mind as her hand took the final trip to her soft, wet slit. Plunging her fingers inside, she moaned. His hands. Touching her. It was too much. With a cry she felt the new wetness run down her legs as her orgasm ripped through her body.
With a smile she finished washing and left her bath. She toweled her body dry and dressed quickly. She would never keep Him waiting. It was almost time. He was almost here; she could feel Him close to her. With a shiver, she checked everything one last time. All of her things were already packed and ready to leave as soon as He gave the word. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She was so grateful to Him for everything he had done these last few months. He was always patient, always kind, never pushing her farther than He knew she could go. Always driving her to know and love herself as He did. He seemed to know her better than she had ever known herself. Through His eyes she saw what she had failed to see her entire life, her own self-worth, and she knew she would follow him anywhere for the rest of her life.
A heavy deliberate knock pulled her back to reality. Without taking a breath she moved to the door. She grasped the doorknob and willed herself to breathe. Daddy, here for her at last. The very thought sent chills over her whole body. With a trembling breath, she opened the door. The first things she saw were His eyes. They caught her up and held her spellbound. She had never seen eyes so kind and understanding, eyes that said they knew her entirely and loved her more than anyone ever had or ever would.
Slowly she reached out and touched his cheek without breaking eye contact. He raised his hand, her eyes drawn to the motion. She watched as He covered her hand in His. At the first touch of His hand, she was paralyzed. It was too good to be true. After months of planning and hoping, He was really here. The thought made her dizzy and she struggled not to faint. Without taking His hand off of hers, He reached out and pulled her to Him. She felt herself snap back entirely as His scent filled her nose. He smelled so warm, so real. He was here at last. Her Daddy had come for her.
She felt his lips move against her ear as His warm breath tickled across her neck. "I missed you my angel," He said. With tears in her eyes she looked into His and said softly, "Take me home Daddy, I'm ready." He slowly released her body and took her hand in His. He led her outside to where the car waited to take her to her new life, her new life with her perfect Daddy. The thought made her heart nearly burst with love for Him.
Slowly she followed Him to the car as He opened her door and placed her inside. He grabbed her bag and put it in the back, then got in next to her. He turned to her and looked at her in a way that made her feel like the only woman in the world. He grasped her hand in one of His and smiled at her. She felt her heart skip a beat and knew then without any doubts that for once in her life, she was doing the right thing. Smiling back she released His hand so He could start the car. As soon as it was done, He grasped her hand again in His. As He drove them to the airport, she felt the last of her worries slide away. It was really happening; He had come for her like she knew He would. Nothing had gone wrong, and now nothing ever would again.

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