Friday, October 3, 2008

His Reasons

I was feeling pretty down the other day and Daddy knew it. He could tell something was wrong, but I didn't know what it was so we just talked for a bit and I hung up for the night. The next time I checked my email, I noticed that I had gotten a couple from Him. One was a story to go along with one I wrote for Him a while back. The other was a list of reasons. He had written it to cheer me up and it sure worked. I was crying by the time I finished the story, and sobbing by the time I read the reasons. He told me I could post it here, as long as I promised not to "fix" His punctuation. He told me that He wrote it that way because that is how He thinks. (i.e. comma free). He knows that I am the Comma Queen when it comes to writing. I love commas and use them even when it isn't warranted. So here is the email I got from Him in its original, unpunctuated form.


I don't really where to start my love. I just want to let you know how special you are to me. From the minute I started to think about you this just poured forward.

I love you because you are smart you love to laugh even at my cheesy jokes you are open with me you never doubt me when i do things that are good for you, you always make time for us you always watch my back you always make me feel better when I am low you always listen to me even when you don't want to you are willing to do anything for me/us you always tell me when you do the wrong things you always work your hardest to make up for mistakes you always keep yourself open to the world even though you don't like the people in it you always make it your business to take care of everything you always do your chores you are willing to always keep an open mind and the best reason for this whole list: YOU are the reason. you are the best reason in the world.

I love you my little one. You are daddy's angel. You are my heart. You are my love. Daddy loves you.

I wish so many things. But You are the best reason to keep me going. And we are going to do this. Daddy needs you.

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