Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poly Thoughts

For over a year now, Sir and I have been discussing poly. Even before He collared me, we toyed with the idea of adding another woman to our relationship. I have been a bisexual as long as I can remember having sexual feelings, so it adding a woman, even just as an occasional play-partner, has always appealed to me. And of course it is every straight man's fantasy, so it appeals to Sir as well. Now that I am collared, the idea of a "subbie sister" appeals even more.

I know that many people warn of the dangers of a poly relationship, but I believe I could handle it. I know I am capable of loving two people at once. I have been in love like that before. I think that for it to work, we would just have to find someone who is compatible with both of us. That will be the hardest part. Jealousy is not a problem for me. I know my place and am completely confident in Sir. I just don't know if we could find another woman who shares this trait.

I would love to find another little submissive into D/s and domestic service. Sir has agreed that it would be perfect to find another who is like me in these ways. Someone I can play with in both sexual and non-sexual ways, who shares my love of serving Him. I only hope that we can one day find someone in our area that fits that description. We aren't actively looking, but hopefully we can just happen into the perfect third to complement our couple.

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  1. Are both you and your Dom in Washington state?