Monday, February 16, 2009

A Great Time

Well we are back from our vacation. I had a blast. I loved getting to see all of the monuments and the museums. I am a total history nerd, so getting to spend two days touring the Smithsonians was incredible. I got so many good pictures.

On our last night in the hotel, I prepared a Valentine's Day surprise for Sir. First I took a shower to scrub myself and shave my legs and pussy clean. Then He got in the shower and I put on my short pleated black skirt and my black satin bra with the corset style front. Next I laid all of our sex toys out on a towel on the bed next to me.

When He got out of the shower He replaced my collar around my neck and smiled when He saw my preparations. He shoved me on my back and teased me with His cock head for awhile. When I was really wet He grabbed the biggest vibrator and put it in me. Then He started playing with the settings, going from high to low and then stopping in the middle before going between again. It was driving me crazy. When He could tell I was really excited, He laid down and started to lick my clit. I went wild. It was so amazing. He kept taking me to the edge then stopping before I came. After what seemed like an eternity, He didn't stop. Instead He encouraged me by licking faster. Needless to say, I had what was probably the best orgasm of my life. It was so amazing.

After I had recovered a bit and Sir had wiped His face clean, it was His turn. I started by licking His face, then His cock clean. He was already rock hard and I know that He doesn't like to waste time, so I laid in His favorite position and He slowly sunk His cock into me.

He started off gently and gradually increased the pace until He was fucking me as hard as I could take. He held me down by my throat and kept cutting off more and more of my air as he got ready to cum. He came in me so hard that I could feel it flood my pussy. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't care. I just kept fucking back until all his cum was inside me. Then He let go of my throat and kissed my forehead. I thanked Him like I always do when He cums in or on me then cleaned His cock with my mouth.

After that we cleaned up. He tucked me in and we snuggled watching Star Wars together until I fell asleep. It was a great vacation. :D

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