Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Vacation

Sir has surprised me with the best V-day ever! We are going on a vacation! He is taking me to Washington D.C. for the weekend. We are going to stay in a hotel on the national mall the first night, then travel to another hotel with its own private beach the second night. I am soooooo excited. Sir knows how much I love museums and He has promised to spend most of our time browsing the Smithsonians! I just can't wait!

Well I guess I better get to bed. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon and I still have alot to do.


  1. *waves* I just stumbled onto yer blog & wanted to say you are freakin cute :]
    Have fun on yer vacation :]

  2. *waves back* Hi nebbish! Thanks for commenting. I was beginning to think nobody reads this. Thanks for the complement and have a great day!