Monday, May 17, 2010

Submissive Girl?

I have been wondering lately if I should change the title of my blog. In some ways I think I should leave it as is because I still am a submissive girl. I still submit to Sir and Daddy, but it seems like most of the time I am in Domme mode because of M. I am not really as physically submissive as I would like anymore because Sir and I have settled into a style that suits our relationship much better. I am His little girl as well as well as Daddy's, but I am not beaten or physically punished at all by either. It would be pretty difficult with Daddy 20 hours away and Sir doesn't really enjoy the physical side of D/s. He is much more into the mental side of it.

This presents me with a quandary. I am a submissive as well as a Dominant. I am a switch so shouldn't the title of my blog reflect that. Before I had a submissive I never really had to worry about it. But now that I am actively in both roles shouldn't I take that role and adapt it to my blog.

I think that every person changes as they grow up and get more comfortable and learn more about themselves. A person's identity is a constantly evolving entity. As I continue to grow and change and discover new things shouldn't the way I identify myself in my public and private lives change too? I think so.

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