Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Abraided Leather

Ok shameless plug post. I have been a member of my local munch group for quite awhile now and I have met many many wonderful people there. One of my favorite people is Mr. A of Abraided Leather. This man is seriously amazing. He is a very nice, friendly guy who is always willing to strike up a conversation or answer a question. In addition to his sparkling personality, he is also a skilled leather worker. He offers a variety of leather and imitation BDSM toys. I am absolutely in love with his floggers. His pieces are beautiful, well made, and very reasonably priced. Whats not to love? :P

Not only does he offer stock pieces, he does custom orders as well. He can make just about anything in any color. It is truly amazing. I suggest that anyone looking for affordable quality toys check out his site or if you are in the area, hit him up at a munch. He is almost always there. Plus he usually raffles off a toy or two at the munches with the profits going to the Humane Society. Talk about a great reason to part with a few bucks. :)

In conclusion, I guess I just can't say enough about Mr. A and his amazing work. He is a great guy with a great hobby. Check out his site at:
You will be glad you did. :)

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