Monday, November 17, 2008

An interesting Incident

Saturday afternoon I caught a ride to another Munch in the state with the leader of my local Munch. I'll call him Mr. M. I drove to our Munch meeting place to meet him since I didn't know how to get to the other Munch and it was almost a 2 hour drive to get there. Mr. M was giving me and another girl a ride. We had a great time on the drive up. I didn't really know the other girl very well so it was nice to get to know each other. We got to the Munch and had a fun time. I was the youngest person there. We drove back to town. Since we were early getting back we stopped by an adult store so Mr. M could pick up some things for his slave.

We were still ahead of schedule when we left there, so we went to Mr. M's apartment to hang out for awhile. We sat around and talked for an hour or two. Mr. M brought out a corset he was telling the other girl about for her to try on. It didn't fit her, but it fit me perfectly. After that she took off the rest of her clothes and sat around in her panties. I put my bra on and sat on the couch with her. Mr. M came over and had her straddle my lap. I sucked on her breasts while he flogged her back. I moved my hand to her pussy and fingered her clit while he continued to flog her. He went to put his finger in her and felt mine there already. He chuckled and went back to flogging her. Right before she came he choked her. She came hard on my hand and moaned loudly.

After she came twice like that, she collapsed next to me on the couch. I cuddled her while Mr. M smiled and chuckled while he watched from across the room. After a brief break, he pulled out a purple vibrator. I smiled and took it from him. I knelt on the floor in front of her and slid it inside her pussy. I fucked her pussy while I licked her clit. Mr. M talked to us while I did it, telling her how much of a slut she was and that she liked feeling me licking her. I started to fuck her pussy harder when I could tell she was close to cumming. He continued to whisper in her ear and bite her neck. He choked her again when she came.

We continued to take turns fingering her and making her cum for another hour. Finally I said I needed to get home. Mr. M took me to my car. I thanked them both for a wonderful time. I had so much fun. I can hardly believe it was real. That was by far the best Saturday I've had in a long time!

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