Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Ok I try not to get off topic much here, but sometimes things from my non-BDSM world effect me so much that I have to vent somewhere. I will try to limit myself to a short rant however. So here it is.

I am a bisexual. I am married to a man. I could be just as happy married to a woman. My state does not allow same sex marriage, but I have friends who are gay and live in California where same sex marriage was legal. Emphasis on WAS. Thats right folks, its no longer legal and all the couples who were married legally in California only a few months ago are now not recognized by state law. THIS PISSES ME OFF TO NO END!!!!!!! I wish I could have a shotgun and 5 minutes with every person who voted yes to Prop 8. It just isn't fair! What gives the religious majority the right to decide what someone else's decisions should or should not be. IT IS NOT THIER LIFE!!!!! No one is forcing them to do it, or even like it. What if I suddenly decided that heterosexual marriages offended me? No one would take that away. I guess its true, if you give people enough bibles and guns they eventually cling to those and no one else's rights or beliefs matter.

Ok I'm done now. I hope I didn't offend anyone. These are just my thoughts on the matter, and I wasn't trying to anger anyone out there.

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