Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outdoor Fun

This past weekend the weather was spectacular. And being the arrogant exhibitionist I am I decided that Bear and I would play outside for the first time. He was nervous at first (I have neighbors but there is adequate foliage to block any peeping), but I know him well enough to know that the risk is what makes it exciting for him. He followed me out to the back deck and helped me remove the porch swing from its anchor frame.

I had him strip off his shirt and hold his wrists out so I could bind them together with white silk rope then I secured them over his head to the swing frame. I used my scarf to blindfold him then opened his mouth and put in the gag. I took up my blue suede flogger and started slow. I seldom beat Bear because we are both much more into mental domination. I love it when we do play hard though, mostly because I know he doesn't enjoy the pain alone. He submits and offers his body to me, not for his pleasure, but for mine. It is very touching and it makes me so proud of him. This also means he is vocal when we play and he squirms, which only gives me an excuse to torment him more. It is a wonderful, wicked game that we both enjoy on occasion.

Afterward, I admired the butterfly pattern my strikes marked on his back. I moved closer until I was standing in front of his blindfolded eyes and placed my hands on either side of his face. I spoke to him gently and removed his gag. I could tell he was fine and untied his hands and removed his blindfold. I rubbed his wrists to make sure his blood was circulating and handed him a drink. It was a very enjoyable day outside. :D

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