Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

Lately I have been so busy with my new job. I have been switching between first, second, and third shifts since I started and it has not been easy for me to actually get some rest or get anything else done for that matter. I keep telling myself that I shouldn't complain, after all I did beg for a job, but no matter how much I enjoy my work I am so drained lately. I haven't really slept or eaten since I started. I am hoping it will get better when my training is over and I settle into my permanent hours.

The 13th was mine and Sir's wedding anniversary. We spent the day together. We didn't really do anything extra special, just alot of time together and lots of sex. I had checked out some porn from work for the night and we watched some of it together. It was nice. We haven't had much time to just be together with nothing that has to be done.

It is strange to be in opposite roles for once. Since Sir graduated He has been home while I have been the one going to work all day. He is the one taking care of the house while I earn the money to pay our bills. It doesn't really bother me on a D/s level. Our relationship is not based on our perceived roles in the household alone. No, what bothers me about it is being the breadwinner, the one in charge and responsible for our livelihood. I am not used to the pressure it brings. He makes it look so effortless, perhaps because it is a role He was born into. I don't know. All I know is that I will be relieved when Sir gets His career going and I am no longer accountable for our very lives.

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