Thursday, January 22, 2009

Role Playing

Yesterday Sir rewarded me for being so good lately. He knows my fantasies, so it was easy for Him to decide what my special treat would be. Last night He decided to cater to my cock envy. We made up our roles and just let it go from there.

He was my mean Mistress and I got to be the sissy boy. It was amazing. I got to wear the strap-on for the first time in several months. It felt so good to play through that scene. Normally Sir won't humiliate me because He knows I have self-esteem issues. But when I am the sissy boy He feels free to insult my "manhood" without any chance of really hurting my feelings.

Even though our games are rare, I love it that way. Role playing is a way to really let go and be whatever you want to be. It is the freedom to get what you want and live out fantasies. I wouldn't want that every day by any means, but it really is a welcome release every now and again.

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