Friday, October 22, 2010


Earlier this week I had Bear wear one of his new pairs of panties. This pair is black and white gingham silk with a large border of black lace around the thighs and a small black bow right in the middle. They fit perfectly at first, especially in the back. His ass was so cute with the shear fabric hugging the supple curves. I couldn't keep my hands and lips off him. I laid him down on his back on the bed and tied his wrists together over his head with my white silk rope while he was wearing nothing but his new panties. I slowly kissed all over his body, avoiding the one place he wanted me to kiss. I ordered him to keep silent and still while I continued to tease him with kisses and bites all over. When I could tell he was ready I made him beg me for what he wanted. By that time he could hardly speak, but I made sure he addressed me correctly and begged me like the sweet little bitch he is.

I fucked his sweet girly ass for the first time then. I have been slowly playing with his slit and his tight little fuck-hole for the last few days to get him ready for me. He did really well for his first time. I didn't fuck him too hard or too long because I know how sensitive my little bitch is. I just wanted to stretch him out a bit so I can fuck him right soon. Even though I could tell he was a little bit uncomfortable he was still begging for more like a good little slut. I can tell that we will have tons of fun once I get him ready to take me right.

Afterward, I told him to shower like normal except I wanted him to shave his legs this time. He was nervous because he had never shaved them before. He did his best but I could still see spots where he missed after he was done. So before he got dressed or dried off I put him back in the shower and this time I shaved his legs perfectly smooth. He couldn't stop saying how weird it felt, but every time I looked over at him that night he was rubbing them together or running his hand over them. Not that I blame him, I couldn't keep my hands off him the rest of the night. There is nothing sexier than a sissy with smooth legs and silky panties laying in your bed. :)

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  1. I had an ex-boyfriend of mine shave his legs for me and he kept saying it too, "it feels so weird" but after the fact he to kept rubbing them and such. The funny part is we were not in a real bdsm relationship I was just naturally dominate with him and him submissive to me. Complete opposite to me now.