Saturday, August 1, 2009

Munch Recap

So the 18-30 group was a bust for me. I got roped into playing card games with a really bossy girl the whole time. I couldn't hardly get a word in edge-wise with anyone, even Sir, without her butting in and telling me something about the game. When I tried to stay out of the second game she dealt me in anyway. Normally I enjoy card games, but I didn't want to play with that girl. I felt bad for the submissive across from me. She was in the same position I was. And neither of us was rescued because her Dom and Sir were busy talking to each other. I don't think either knew that we were anxious to get out of the game.

I am still glad we went though. Sir had a good time. I don't think I've ever seen Him so talkative and outgoing in a group of people. He is definitely the strong silent type usually. I am really happy that He got a chance to open up and get to know some other people in the area. If we do decide to go again, hopefully it will be a little bit better for me. At least now I know to avoid the "Card Nazi". :P


  1. Hehe the "Card Nazi" definitely sounds like something I'd call someone. You guys need a secret signal that means "Help me!" like a knee rub or ear tug =)

  2. Yeah thats what I thought too, but Sir tends to be oblivious to most of the world outside His mind. I think instead of an knee rub it would have to be a subtle hammer blow to the kneecap. Lol! :P