Thursday, July 30, 2009

Date Night

Last night Sir took me out on a real date. We haven't really had much money or time to date in the last year so it was unexpected, but greatly appreciated. I don't think either of us realized how much we needed to get out for a bit by ourselves.

First He took me out to eat. He ordered me a cheeseburger and curly fries. It was really good. Curly fries are my favorite. I enjoyed just getting to sit together and talk. We have had so little privacy lately.

After dinner we went out to the movies. Neither of us had been to the movies in months. We saw Year One. It was hilarious. It felt so good to be together in a theater with other people just laughing and enjoying ourselves.

We drove around town for a bit after the movie. Neither of us was ready to go back to the house we are staying at yet. When we finally did get back, we snuck into our room and made-out like teenagers on the bed. Both of us have felt like naughty teenagers lately because we have been sneaking kisses and gropes when his family aren't looking and having quickies when they are gone.

After awhile He ordered me to strip in that low husky growl He has when He's impatient. It gave me goosebumps to hear it. I stripped then sat down next to Him on the bed. He petted my check softly then wound His fingers into my hair. He pulled me down to His belly then used His other hand to unbutton His pants. With my face against Him I could feel Him breathing hard and started to kiss His navel while He held me tight by the hair and kicked off His jeans.

He let me kiss down His belly and inner thighs. Then I started to lick all around His balls and He pulled my mouth even closer to Him. I slowly traced the underside of His cock with the tip of my tongue. When I reached the tip I closed my mouth around it while He thrust into my throat, making sure to keep a tight grip on the back of my neck.

He continued to fuck my throat and talk to me with His husky voice for awhile. We could both tell He was getting close, so He pulled me off of Him and ordered me to kneel on all fours on the bed. I quickly positioned myself while he stood on the floor behind me. I felt Him take two of His fingers and feel how wet I was. By that time I was more than ready for Him. He knelt behind me on the bed and slowly thrust His cock inside of me, inch by inch. It was agony. I wanted Him to take me fast and hard, but He knew that so He took me slowly at first and teased me about it the whole time.

After a time He pulled out completely. I whimpered. He chuckled then placed the tip of His cock against me. He asked me if I wanted it. I moaned and told Him that of course I did. He chuckled again and asked if I was sure. I told Him I was definitely sure. So with a low growl He thrust His cock all the way into me. It hurt just as much as it felt amazing. He has always been too big for me.

When I say that Sir is too big for me, I say it without exaggerating. When He is fully hard He can't get it in me without thrusting hard and forcing it in. And thats exactly what he did then. He rode me hard until I couldn't hardly take it any more. I begged Him to cum in me. By then I couldn't wait to feel Him spend Himself inside me. I love that feeling. He just chuckled again and asked if I was sure. I told Him that I was sure, that I couldn't wait. He grabbed my hair in one fist and my ass in the other and thrust even faster. Right before He came in me He pulled my head back even further and ordered me to cum. I can't even put into words how fantastic that orgasm was. He continued to cum inside me while my muscles clenched around His cock.

After we were both done and I had cleaned Him off with my mouth, He told me to clean myself up then kneel next to His side of the bed. He told me to stay there until He fell asleep, then I could lay down next to Him and sleep. While I was kneeling He petted my hair and cheek for a few minutes until He finally went to sleep. I knelt there for a few more minutes and watched His face. I love to watch Him sleep. Then I quietly got up and crawled into bed beside Him.

I can only hope that we have many more similar date nights in the future.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful date! Excellent Post!!