Sunday, June 27, 2010

Been Awhile...

I realize that I haven't been posting much lately. Honestly I just don't really feel like it. I'm not sure how to say anything I want to right now. Long story short, M and I broke up. I didn't like how obsessive and possessive she was getting. She was having alot of trouble dealing with the 3 hour drive between where we live and I couldn't handle her constant nagging and mood swings. I just don't think she was mature enough to have a long distance relationship. It breaks my heart, but I don't need that much crazy drama in my life, its crazy enough.

Speaking of crazy life things, Sir and I will be moving yet again. We found a small place in the country. Its on a farm in the woods. I'm excited about it. The house is the perfect size for us. It needs some work on the outside, but the inside is in great condition. Maybe I can talk Sir into getting a pool this summer. :)

I will also be starting college this fall. Sir didn't get into the Officer School. I was really upset at first, but we just have to accept it and move on with our backup plan. I should be signing up for classes soon. I am so excited! I can't wait!

I also went to two Gay Pride Festivals in the last two weeks. My older sister went with me to both. It was so much fun. My best friend, G, went with me to the second one too. He is so much fun to be around. I love when he comes by the house. We plan on having a big party out at the new house as soon as we move in. Well I guess that is about it. I will try to post more regularly again, although I may be getting my new computer in a week or two so there might be a small interruption.

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