Friday, September 11, 2009

Officer's Wife???

Sir has decided to join the Air Force. Since He has obtained His B.S. in Math He qualifies for the Officer Training Program. I am really excited for us both, but I'm nervous as well. I know that there is little chance of Him being sent overseas into the warzone, but I still worry about His safety.

As a result of this choice, we have moved back to Indiana to stay with my parents until He is sent to basic training. It isn't as stressful as I thought, although I am majorly bummed to be back in Indiana again. I prefered Washington and Texas. Either would be better than this cornfield in hell. At least it isn't permanent. There are no A.F. Bases in Indiana. The closest is Wright-Paterson in Ohio. I just hope we don't end up there either. Ohio is just as bad.

I have also been sick the last week. I got back to Indiana just in time to catch a summer cold. I'm not sure if its the cold or all the traveling or what, but I really haven't been in the mood to play lately. And from His actions and mood lately I'd say Sir feels the same. I hope its just a temporary slump and not a long term problem. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow. I have a suprise birthday party to attend tonight for one of my kinky friends at Hooters. That oughta cheer me right up I'm sure.

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